Fans at the “2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon” Were Quick to Notice an Unexpected Friendship Developing Between NCT 127 and Stray Kids

Felix has ties to people besides NCT DREAM.

Chenle from NCT DREAM and Felix from Stray Kids have been best friends ever since they first met while working together on a project.

Bang Chan and Felix even attended NCT DREAM‘s concert because of how well-connected the groups have become.

NCT 127 demonstrated that NCT DREAM wasn’t the only NCT group to have close relationships with Stray Kids after two exchanges at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon (also known as the SBS Music Awards).

Felix was astonished to run meet Yuta when Stray Kids passed other groups on stage.

The two shook hands and gave each other a warm hug.

Fans were surprised by how close the two groups are, and Yuta even embraced Lee Know.

Fans who were paying close attention noted other interactions between them as well.

Despite the chaos that resulted from having all the groups on stage at once, fans managed to grab a picture of Felix and Doyoung sharing an embrace.

If he hasn’t already, social butterfly Felix appears to be making friends with every NCT unit, from NCT 127 to NCT DREAM. Everyone will be eagerly anticipating his next hug of a WayV member.

See how the two groups unexpectedly interacted to demonstrate their friendship.



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