“Wednesday” Star Emma Myers Became A Fan Of SEVENTEEN Because Of This Meme About The Group

It’s still preserved on her phone, she says.

The star of Netflix’s most recent hit series Wednesday, Emma Myers, hasn’t been bashful about expressing her love for SEVENTEEN.

She even recently disclosed the origin of her affection for the band.

It all began with a humorous event on social media, as many Carats could relate.

Emma recalled finding a SEVENTEEN meme while perusing Twitter five years ago.

Emma acknowledged that she was unable to concentrate on the meme because it featured their upbeat song “VERY NICE” due of how catchy it was.

Becoming a true Carat, Emma uploaded the meme from her phone while it was still preserved for all fans of SEVENTEEN to enjoy.

Since then, Emma has grown to love SEVENTEEN, making them both her ultimate band and one of her two biases.



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