Cho Gue Sung Is Half Naked For 30 Seconds, Now Everyone’s Panicking

Yes, happy holidays! 🥹🎁

Cho Gue Sung, a player for Team Korea at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, had another electrifying televised experience!

Cho Gue Sung gained instant fame as “Player 9” and appeared in Home Alone episode.

As he showed them around his home and life, Cho Gue Sung astounded the audience.

While his gorgeous bedhead and his vigorous workout did catch the attention of the audience.

When Cho Gue Sung emerged from the shower shirtless and in full display of his divine figure, it was a huge shock. The hosts of Home Alone gasped in awe as well.

Cho Gue Sung enchanted the audience for exactly 30 seconds:

Key from SHINee: Oh my God!

Park Na Rae: Oh, oh, wow, wow.

Kian84!:His abs like a grenade

Key from SHINee: My goodness
Cho Gue Sung was seen sporting abs in addition to shaving.

The transition of his appearance from a hulking beast to an idol-worthy image kept spectators pressing “Replay!”

Cho Gue Sung Shaving,” guys. It provides all the pleasure this world has to offer.” — Vuesgamos @vuesgamos

Player 9 is once again making the internet swoon, but not just because of his good looks.

Home Alone demonstrated Cho Gue Sung‘s A+ personality in addition to his A+ physique.

Netizens then commented:

I feel like crying.
Oh, my god.
I wasn’t sure why shaving was considered sexy for men. But it is, I see.
He appears to be adult, but his speech is childlike. Haha.
He displays rather sophisticated behavior for his age, yet his aegyo is too adorable. He is the complete package.
I’m grateful. Seriously. I’m grateful.

Looks like Player 9, who is aegyo-powered and brimming with affection, is impossible to resist!

View the complete clip here.



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