Fans of “Single’s Inferno 2” Generally Agree That Shin Dong Woo Doesn’t Deserve Lee Nadine

They are instead shipping her off with the new guy.

One candidate has emerged as the clear favorite among worldwide spectators as Single’s Inferno 2 is well under way.

On December 13, the second season of Single’s Inferno, a popular Korean dating program on Netflix, was released.

Ten contestants—five men and five women—have now each had a quick introduction that included their names, a few interests, and dating “types.” If they find love on the barren island “Inferno,” they will be able to leave for “Paradise” if their sentiments are shared (a resort).

Of all the finalists we have met, Lee Nadine quickly rose to the top in the hearts of fans, particularly those from other countries.

She is the only competitor who speaks English more fluently than Korean.

Despite acknowledging that her voice sounded “softer” when speaking Korean, Nadine in Episode 1 defined herself as having a chilly, honest demeanor.

To date and get out of her comfort zone, she joined the show.

She describes herself as chilly, although she comes out as more timid.

She has a special connection with one particular male candidate, Shin Dong Woo, despite this.

Shin Dong Woo took the empty seat between Nadine and Shin Seul Ki when the contenders initially entered the room.

As soon as he arrived on the island, Nadine noticed him. And he immediately struck up a discussion with her.

Eventually, Kim Han Bin took Nadine and Dong Woo on a tour of the island. Dong Woo kept the conversation continuing throughout that time by asking her numerous questions, which gave the impression that he was considering her.

At the conclusion of the day, Dong Woo wrote his postcard to Nadine while admitting to the cameras that Park Se Jeong had initially captured his interest and fit his “type.”

He wrote, “We should work out together some time,” alluding to their discussion about sports and exercise.

Dong Woo, however, was the recipient of two postcards. Regarding their earlier daytime excursion to fetch water for dinner, Shin Seul Ki wrote, “Let’s go get water together tomorrow,” and Nadine, “Purple looks good on you!!”

He admitted to the men that after reading the postcards, he was perplexed.

Dong Woo sat next to Nadine at breakfast the following day. Seul Ki and he later hung out with a smaller group, but he didn’t stop talking to her.

Throughout Episode 2, Seul Ki continued to express her desire to speak with Dong Woo.

Later, he admitted to the men that he found her “attractive” and desired to “speak more.”

As she struggled to approach the man she was interested in, Nadine admitted to the other women that she felt “awkward” in her conversation.

But they all pushed her to take the risk, especially Seul Ki. And so she did.

“Water date” was taken by Dong Woo and Nadine. They chatted about their emotions while sitting there for some time. He even complimented her.

Nadine thanked him for making her feel more at ease and apologized for the day before’s brevity of her responses.

She did, however, imply that she was uninterested in visiting Paradise.

Dong Woo advised her that she must. She had the attitude that it was just not important because she enjoyed the “adventure” of the desolate island.

However, if she went, she wished to do so with a person she genuinely liked and wished to get to know better.

This motivated Dong Woo to express his desire to get to know several people better.

In contrast, she was. Nadine was only thinking of one person.

When it was time for the participants to select their companion to accompany them to Paradise, Nadine chose Dong Woo while the other contestant had not, leaving the other to remain in Inferno.

This surprised both the panel and the audience.

Seul Ki and Dong Woo ultimately traveled to Paradise. He asked questions and expressed his interest in her overtly there. Yet she was even more self-conscious and hesitant to communicate her emotions.

Little to no chemistry existed. We discovered that Dong Woo is a 32-year-old plastic surgeon who works at Seoul National University, and Seul Ki is a 25-year-old piano major.

They weren’t any clearer about their position when they got back to Inferno than they had been before.

Soon after that, Seul Ki and Nadine in particular were drawn to Kim Jin Young, a new man who had just been introduced.

He ultimately prevailed in the men’s game for a supper with two women of his choosing, and, strangely, he selected those who had recently visited Paradise.

Later, Jin Young and Nadine had a brief conversation in which they appeared to get along well.

Notably, throughout their chat, Dong Woo kept turning to face them.

In the end, Nadine chose Dong Woo over Jin Young to go to Paradise with her (you couldn’t choose the same person you had just gone to Paradise with), and Dong Woo selected Nadine.

The decisions, however, divided the audience’s opinions. Nadine quickly rose to prominence on social media.

Everyone was quite eager for Nadine to finally travel to Paradise.

Nobody, however, wanted her to travel with Dong Woo.

Everybody is pleased that Nadine will be able to travel, enjoy delicious food, etc. After that, they anticipate she won’t interact with Dong Woo at all.

Viewers concur that Nadine and Se Jeong are both too talented for the males, who seem unable to see their value.

In addition to being charming, fit, and handsome, Nadine attends Harvard to study neuroscience. Internet users are thus eagerly awaiting Dong Woo‘s response.

Most fans, however, are still hopeful for her with the new guy Jin Young. Many believed that because of their chemistry, they ought to have chosen one another to enter Paradise.

But does Joo Yoong Jae, who had never expressed interest in Nadine before, now represent a different possible suitor?



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