Hong Eunchae, A Member Of LE SSERAFIM, Has Said That The Other Girls In The Group Think She’s Too Cute

Hong Eunchae, the courageous maknae of LE SSERAFIM, participated in a carefree, solo photo shoot for the January issue of “Elle.”

The LE SSERAFIM member spoke candidly about her motivations during her interview with the publication as well as her interactions with the other group members.

First, Hong Eunchae reflected on LE SSERAFIM‘s inaugural year, saying, “Thanks to our comeback promotions and the year-end stages, I felt much more confident. I came to understand that many people thought our music and performances were good, even worth seeing.

What inspires Hong Eunchae when she performs? The idol made known, “I occasionally feel overextended or worn out while I’m getting ready. But every time, I picture myself performing flawlessly on stage, and when I see that version of myself, I feel as like I can accomplish anything. Even though I may have anxiety and nervousness or worry that I might make a mistake, as I step onto the stage and the music starts, I immediately realize that this is what I have been working for. Then I feel a surge of confidence.”

Eunchae concluded by explaining the significance of the LE SSERAFIM members in her life. “The group consists of individuals who find everything I say and do to be just too adorable. They occasionally give me the impression that I have four mothers or four older sisters, but I always feel that I can rely on them “shared by the idol.

Below are sneak peeks of Hong Eunchae by LE SSERAFIM from the most recent “Elle” issue.



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