BTS J-Hope Shows His Crazy Versatility In A Single Photo-folio Preview Image

ARMYs now comprehend how BTS felt about J-Hope‘s photo portfolio.

Earlier this year, BTS made eight unique photo-folios available.

Every member will have an own photo portfolio, one of which will include all seven.

As stated in the Weverse statement, each member’s photo-folio projects will “display [the members’] different traits.”

Their Special 8 Photo-Folio, OT7 Edition Their collective memories will be represented by the songs Us, Ourselves, and BTS “We.”

“This photo-folio is a classic BTS compilation that collects the thoughts of all seven members and documents their shared recollections. The past and present of BTS are depicted in this photo portfolio!”- Weverse.

The photo folios of BTS members Jungkook, RM, Jimin, Jin, and V have so far been made public, and the ARMYs are eagerly awaiting the publication of J-Hope and Suga‘s photo folios.

Each album’s release has highlighted the members’ distinctive charms and artistic talent.

For Jungkook, he wore a vampire-like appearance.

In his photographs as a sailor, Jin enchanted ARMYs as a “King of the sea.”

V looked like a stylish 19th-century gentleman in his old dream pictures…

In his Eternity photo gallery, RM exuded easy calm and a relaxed demeanor.

… and in his ID, Jimin displayed his remarkable duality: chaotic photo album.

The international Weverse store has started shipping BTS V‘s photo-folio, and lucky ARMYs received a nice surprise as they finally opened Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’.

An official sneak peek of BTS J-Hope‘s upcoming photo-folio was included among the stunning pictures of V.

J-Hope attracted a lot of attention as he posed in what appeared to be a ring of fire while donning stylish leather leggings, even with his back to the camera.

J-Hope startled the ARMYs with just one image, making them jokingly wonder if they were even prepared to witness the complete release.

Others commented that they understood the astonishment his fellow members had upon seeing J-Hope‘s portfolio.

Check out the BTS era that made J-Hope a true ARMY below while we wait for further information on the photo portfolio that made his fellow members J-Hope stans!



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