Minji’s Tanned Skin Has Won the Hearts of NewJeans Fans Worldwide

Whitewashing must end.

Without a doubt, the issue of skin color is a sensitive and divisive one in the K-Pop industry and in Asian society more generally.

Without exception, K-Pop idols who don’t meet the standard of beauty of having pale, porcelain skin have been the target of snide comments and even outright hatred throughout the history of the music genre.

Fans of K-Pop stars are increasingly advocating for authentic representation of their heroes’ skin tones in media.

Minji of NewJeans, a rookie member of the group, is one of the many idols who are receiving the deserved accolades because of her naturally tanned complexion.

Since her debut earlier this year, she has received a flood of praise from online commenters praising her young radiance and athletic aura.

Plus, someone recently remarked how much they liked her tanned skin on a forum!

Like virtually any idol, she has had her fair share of images changed to make her appear much whiter, especially performance photos.

But in this post, multiple pictures of Minji with a tan that looks very natural are published.

It’s great to see Minji receiving such high acclaim from a large number people for her natural image, especially as NewJeans becomes a big influence in the K-Pop world.

The overwhelming number of responses to the web post attests to the widespread adulation she has received for her pretty face.

Netizens then commented:

I appreciate that they are not making her look any lighter.

I like her even more since her skin tone gives her an air of serenity and health.

She seems to be the type of student body president who enjoys physical education.

It makes her even more endearing to me..! People used to think idols had to have light complexion to be attractive, but today they judge them based on their overall appearance, making her all the more endearing.

They should cease being so fixated with whitewashing because so many visuals have darker (for their standard) complexion tones.

Idols with tans are absolutely stunning; it brings out their natural beauty.

It’s hard to find words to describe how lovely and good-looking Minji is. Every time I come upon a photo of her, I immediately file it away.



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