LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin Hilariously Calls Out This Member For Muting Their Group Chat — And Her Reason Is Too Relatable

They said it was like Kazuha.

Recently, LE SSERAFIM participated in an interview with Seventeen for their series “Besties On Besties.”

In the interview, they talked about the personalities and skills of each member, chose the member with the best sense of style, and commended each other’s strengths.

They furthermore started talking about how Kazuha doesn’t answer their group chat very often.

Chaewon said that they don’t use their group chat very often, but Sakura said that when there are numerous messages, the phone beeps a lot.

Her group members reacted violently and said that they always message each other.

Sakura: Well, it would be loud if we all texted a lot. And it is always our LE SSERAFIM group chat if it beeps.

Chaewon: Our group chat doesn’t get much use…

Sakura: No! We do! Please, thank you. I’m actually asleep, but it keeps on going off.

But at that point, LE SSERAFIM found out something new about her. She told them that she mutes their group chat, which made them cry out loud and say that at least Kazuha can read what they write.

Chaewon: You go to sleep with alerts on? I shut them down.

Eunchae: I already knew that. She’s taking them off.

Yunjin: Oh, this is even worse! More than just someone who reads the text and doesn’t care!

But Chaewon has a great reason to turn it off. She said that she follows the same thing in all of the chats she joins, not just LE SSERAFIM‘s.

She just doesn’t like hearing a lot of alerts, but she said that at least she answers a lot.

No, so I always turn off group chat notifications. Because you get so many alerts all the time. But I know how to answer, right?” said Chaewon

In the end, her group agreed that it doesn’t matter if she mutes it simply because she is skilled at responding.

LE SSERAFIM: You’re right.
Chaewon: So, what’s the point?
LE SSERAFIM: Okay. (laughs)



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