NMIXX Lily Stuns Fans With Her Vibrant Pink Hair

In my opinion, she has never looked better than she does right now.

Lily, of MIXX, recently stunned fans by debuting a completely new hairstyle, and it’s one of her finest looks to yet.

For the 2022 KBS Gayo Daechukjae, Lily experimented with a new hairstyle she hadn’t worn since her debut: gorgeous, long hair.

When she sported the style for the first time for a while, netizens unanimously agreed that it was the finest it could look.

The fresh look and her captivating stage presence have been lauded by netizens.

And yet, that ridiculous bob haircut persists.

The expression on her face said it all: “Crazy her face is piercing through… Before Lily let her hair grow up, I didn’t find her very visually appealing, but now that her hair is long, she looks rich and mad. Her status as a visual is threatened if she keeps acting this way.

Don’t cut your hair short now, okay?

Lily shared pictures of her new hairstyle with the humorous description, “I woke up and my hair was long all of a sudden?” Help?!”

All her pre-debut supporters want now is for her to go back to having long, black hair without bangs.

What do you think of the style?

The current style of her hair is definitely one of her most beautiful looks.



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