Netizens Notice Similarities Between NewJeans and GFRIEND’s MV Cinematography for Their New Song “Ditto”

Netizens are crazy about the new song “Ditto” by NewJeans.

On December 19, NewJeans, the biggest new star in K-pop, released their comeback song “Ditto” along with a music video.

The song is a hauntingly beautiful lofi-r&b track with sad synths, chords that make you feel nostalgic, and upbeat 808 drums.

As soon as the song came out, “Ditto” went straight to the top of most domestic charts, showing that NewJeans is here to stay.

The music video also made Netizens happy. The nostalgia in the song goes well with the music video, which takes us back to the early days of K-Pop when it was heavily influenced by R&B’s New Jack Swing and House Music’s 808 patterns.

Both the song and the music video were praised by fans.

“I like the song… But when I think of “Ditto,” I first think of the movie “Ditto,” LOL.”

“The song makes me feel so many things”

It’s a great song.”

“I’m getting tears ㅠㅠ. This song is so great.”

“I can’t believe how good the song and music video are”.

“They reminds me of GFRIEND. The song makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time.”

“Oh, that song is great!”

“Wow, I can’t believe how good the song is.”

“I love that song.”

“It looks so nice.”

“The song sounds like it’s from the past, but it’s still new. Anyways it’s good.”

GFRIEND‘s MV also makes you feel this way. Hauntingly beautiful”

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