Cho Gue Sung’s sensual Vogue Korea covers garnered a hilarious reaction from his teammates in the 2022 World Cup

After Team Korea’s homecoming to the nation, Cho Gue Sung‘s fame has continued to grow, as many 2022 World Cup spectators anticipated.

The athlete will be featured on the cover of Vogue Korea‘s January 2023 issue, the fashion and leisure publication said on December 19 at KST.

Cho Gue Sung flaunts his remarkable body on both covers, posing with a soccer ball and gazing confidently into the lens.

Cho Gue Sung posted both covers to his personal Instagram account that day, and colleague Lee Kang In commented and made a joke about it “It doesn’t look like the hyung I know is here, does it? What made you change people?”

Other athletes close to Cho Gue Sung, including as Team Korea colleagues Kim Jin Su, also expressed their approval of the covers with fun applauding and fire emojis.

Meanwhile, Cho Gue Sung will make appearances on future seasons of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” and MBC’s “Home Alone,” as was previously announced.

The two covers are below; check them out!

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