IU makes people giggle with her “thoughtful” present to her favorite idol group, g.o.d

The “thoughtful” gift that IU gave to her favorite idol group, g.o.d, made many giggle and revealed her fangirl side.

g.o.d‘s Yoon Kye Sang thanked IU for her kind gift on his Instagram on December 16.

Standing in front of a box of old ginseng, the singer/actor was observed looking shocked.

In astonishment, Yoon Kye Sang penned the words, “Ji Eun, thank you.

This month, g.o.d made an appearance on “IU’s Palette” as guests.

In the show, IU admitted to being a devoted fan of g.o.d and displayed her excitement, especially at the prospect of meeting Yoon Kye Sang, her bias.

In fact, IU said, “I want you all to live long and healthy lives,” when asked what she expected from g.o.d in the future on “Palette.”

This prompted Park Joon Hyung to respond, “I’ll take care to live a long life, okay. I’ll eat something healthy. To make sure I live a very long time, I’ll eat ginseng.”

Now, it appears that IU made the decision to take responsibility for her oppas’ health by mailing all of the g.o.d. members “ginseng to chew on“!

Internet users responded with remarks like,

She is identical to other K-Pop lovers, LOL. Fans find it intolerable to even briefly observe their superstars as unfit LOL.

Yep, kekekekeke. Concerts cannot be held if the oppas are ill kekekekeke.

Most fangirls simply wish for the well-being of their idols, but IU actually gives her favorite idols ginseng, kekekekeke.

Face of Yoon Kye Sang LOL. He feels both grateful and perplexed.

I think that receiving so much ginseng will make you feel quite elderly, kekekekeke.

The IU’s presentations are on a big scale

Yoon Kye Sang suddenly appears to be an ahjusshi when he stands in front of the gingseng kekekekeke.

This is what K-Pop fans everywhere want to do for their stars,

Good oppas, kekekekekeke please be healthy.



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