Hyun Bin Is A Certified Hot Daddy In His New Rugged Look With Full Beard For Movie “The Point Men”

Hyun Bin‘s new rough look in the film still cuts published recently for the 2023 release of “The Point Men” have garnered a lot of attention.

In the movie “The Point Men,” a Korean diplomat is sent to Afghanistan when the Taliban hostage a group of South Korean tourists hostage.

Park Dae Sik is a NIS agent who specializes in the Middle East and Central Asia. Hyun Bin will play him.

Hyun Bin is known for his captivating changes across a wide range of genres. As a NIS agent, he will now show off his natural charm.

In the movie, Park Dae Sik has to get over a past trauma in order for this negotiation rescue plan to work.

Hyun Bin is expected to show Park Dae Sik‘s feelings in a more nuanced way, showing how the character grows as he faces dangerous situations.

In particular, the still cuts from Hyun Bin‘s latest movie have gotten a lot of attention because he has completely changed his look from his clean-cut image to a full beard and a more rugged look that had never been seen on him before.

The movie “The Point Men” will open in Korea on January 18.



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