Lee Know from Stray Kids becomes well-known for embarrassing himself on the red carpet at the “2022 Asia Artist Awards”

Then again, he killed.

The Stray Kids had quite a fantastic awards season thus far! They proceeded to draw attention and win prizes in the most recent award ceremony, the 2022 Asia Artist Awards!

At the occasion, the group gave another outstanding performance that garnered accolades from numerous audience members.

The trio also received significant honors, taking home the “AAA Grand Prize – Album Of The Year” and “AAA Best Choice – Singer” prizes.

Lee Know of the Stray Kids, however, is making headlines for his actions prior to the awards program even starting.

The trio served looks both collectively and individually on the red carpet for the occasion, and their visuals stood out!

On the red carpet, Lee Know seized the chance to experiment a little bit with his posing.

He raised one of his legs and leaned on Han, striking a stunning stance with his hands behind his hands.

He eventually resumes his natural stance. The event announcer is heard giggling before asking the audience to strike a dashing pose.

Lee Know makes a nod before hiding his face, appearing a little uncomfortable. As they exit the red carpet, even Han can’t contain his laughter and playsfully bumps into Lee Know.

Fans have watched the amusing moment in the videos that have each received thousands of views.



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