LE SSERAFIM‘s Huh Yunjin Handles Her Stage Microphone Like A True Professional During Their “2022 AAA” Performance

LE SSERAFIM is known for their amazing performances and stunning visuals, but fans are currently praising Huh Yunjin for her professionalism after an accident on stage at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

LE SSERAFIM was one of many groups at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

The group’s cute punk-rock outfits on the red carpet of the event were the first thing that caught people’s attention.

The group was also one of the winners of the “AAA Rookie of the Year” award, making them even more impressive as a fourth-generation group.

LE SSERAFIM also sang and danced at the event, showing how powerful their voices are. During the group’s special rock version of the beginning of “ANTIFRAGILE,” Huh Yunjin stood out with a strong solo.

During the beginning of the song, Huh Yunjin danced so hard that her microphone fell off her face. She kept dancing as hard as she could.

You can see Huh Yunjin‘s microphone swinging around her arm.

She waited until everyone was standing behind Kim Chaewon before she quickly tried to fix her mic. Kim Chaewon had to make a few changes to the dance steps, but she still managed to pull them off.

Huh Yunjin fixed her microphone just in time for the end of the introduction, like a real pro, and the rest of her performance went off without a hitch.

Fans have said that Huh Yunjin acted like a pro on stage and handled the situation like a boss.



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