Former fromis_9 Member Jang Gyu Ri Spills On The Real Circumstances Behind Her Exit From The Group

As her SBS youth romance drama series “Cheer Up” came to a successful finish, idol-turned-actress Jang Gyu Ri conducted a roundtable discussion to reflect on her character Cho Hee and her own career to date.

Jang Gyu Ri was initially questioned about how she was chosen for the role of Cho Hee in “Cheer Up.”

The celebrity added with a smile, “The director mentioned to me that he watched me on the “Workman” episode that was posted on YouTube. He enjoyed my acrostic joke in particular.”

As many fans are aware, Jang Gyu Ri cut ties with former idol group fromis_9 and Pledis Entertainment, the group’s management company, in July of this year.

Jang Gyu Ri remarked on her choice to end her job as an idol: “It was a fantasy that I had held close to my heart throughout my entire life. Many people may have questioned my choice to abandon my idol promotions when I had the option to continue working as both an actor and an idol. This was an ambition of mine that I truly wanted to put all of my heart into, therefore I believe that’s why.”

Jang Gyu Ri went on to say, “In my opinion, it was difficult to strike a balance between the two, and I just didn’t believe I could accomplish both to the best of my skills. Since the members of fromis_9 were also succeeding so well and we had experienced a lot together, I trusted in them and decided that now was the right time for me to pursue my ambition.”

Finally, Jang Gyu Ri said to the fromis_9members, “Because of my two responsibilities, there were several occasions when I wished I could apologize to the members. Due to the “Cheer Up” filming schedule, I especially had to skip the majority of practices. Even though I tried my best at the time to prepare for our fan gathering and comeback, I saw with my own eyes that my efforts were falling short. I was concerned that I was getting in the way of the other members of the team who were working harder out of sympathy. These days, I run see them at the salon for hair and cosmetics, and they constantly contact me to let me know that they are watching my drama.”



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