The 2022 Asia Artist Awards are criticized for mistreating idols and “preferentially treating” actors

It has happened before.

Fans are still upset about what they perceive to be unfair treatment of idols after the 2022 Asia Artist Awards. It is clear from a post-event group shot that the performers sat in seats in the front, while the idols stood or squatted in the back and to the sides.

Only the MCs, Leeteuk from Super Junior, and Jang Wonyoung from IVE were sitting in front of the cast.

In videos, it is easier to see.

Fans and internet users alike were incensed by the treatment. This special treatment was also noticeable at previous MAMA ceremonies.

Even though it’s the idols who perform and bring in the crowd, the actors who show up to watch are always given preferential treatment.

Netizens commented as following:

I’m getting sh*t by them. How mind-boggling

Did they abuse the idols present while spending their days writing negative stories about the idols present but not participating?

Speaking negatively, isn’t displaying the public such a scene just a way of looking down on the idols since everyone is there to watch them? Why even invite the actors, you ask? There were also problems with how idols were handled when they were invited to appear at actor award ceremonies, so why is it expected that idols treat actors better?

Much worse than MAMA.

In comparison to idols and singers, actors are frequently thought to belong to a higher level and class. It used to be common to refer to idols and singers as “ddan-ddaras,” or entertainers, a disparaging term that reflects an antiquated worldview that must absolutely change.



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