LE SSERAFIM’s Hong Eunchae Admits She Spoiled “ANTIFRAGILE” But In A Way “We Would’ve Never Noticed”

K-Pop idols are used to having things get in the way of their activities, especially since comeback preparations can take months or even years.

For example, an anonymously posted picture spoiled LE SSERAFIM‘s comeback with “ANTIFRAGILE.”

And Huh Yunjin herself answered a fan’s request for spoilers on Weverse, showing how confident she is in LE SSERAFIM‘s discography.

Maknae Eunchae recently said that she spoiled “ANTIFRAGILE” in secret, but no one noticed.

Eunchae spoiled “ANTIFRAGILE” while posing on the red carpet at the 2022 K Global Heart Dream Awards.

In particular, Eunchae spoiled the heart pose that the members do at the end of “ANTIFRAGILE”.

Even though “ANTIFRAGILE” has two different kinds of hearts, Eunchae thought that only the finger heart made sense as a red carpet pose.

On the red carpet, Eunchae made sure to show off different kinds of hearts so that the spoiler wouldn’t stand out.

Eunchae seemed very pleased with herself for getting the spoiler right, and now fans know to pay extra attention to the idol to see what else she might get wrong in the future.



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