Netizens Defend NMIXX’s Jiwoo From Body Shaming Comments After Jinni’s Abrupt Departure From The Group

NMIXX Jiwoo‘s become a hot topic of discussion because of her weught.

On December 10, a critical post about Jiwoo began trending on Nate’s community board Pann under the title, “Reasons why Jiwoo must lose weight“, which quickly became a top 3 topic.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “Jiwoo, you need to lose weight,” she said, adding, “The faces of the 6 NMIXX members don’t look good together… Jiwoo is the only real hope. She has to make losing weight a priority“.

Netizens commented:

“The members aren’t ugly, but there’s too much of a gap with Seolyoon

“I didn’t think much of Jinni‘s visuals, but now that she’s gone, it seems empty”

NMIXX fans support Jiwoo a lot, so she’ll never lose weight”  

“If they keep pushing Jang Gyu Jin as the center, JYP will never be able to stop NMIXX from failing”

“Now, I think Jiwoo should do as much as possible to fill Jinni‘s place in the group… She only needs to lose a little bit of weight”.

Meanwhile, a lot of netizens also defended Jiwoo from body shaming such as:

“People don’t understand why 4th-generation idols don’t want to be idols anymore. Stop picking at little things and enjoy what they give us. Just leave other bodies alone”

Jiwoo is still young, and I hate that she and all idols get so much criticism about their bodies. She has a strong, healthy body, which makes her a fierce dancer.”

“Her weight is normal and there is nothing at all to say about it. These people just can’t stop talking.”

“There’s nothing wrong with her weight—she just has a bit of extra fat on her cheeks—but the way her face looks, I can’t believe they said, “Now that Jinni is gone, she’s our only hope.” What does that even mean?”

“They are toxic people who shouldn’t be allowed to say such things.”

“But you’re praising Wonyoung‘s skinny body when it’s really not healthy. I’m not a fan of NMIXX, but Jiwoo can dance really well on that body”

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