NewJeans’s First “Seasons Greetings” Aesthetic Design Gains Attention From Netizens, Even Non-Fans Wanted to Buy It

Right now, NewJeans are the hottest new girl group in the K-pop business. The girl group from the sub-label ADOR of HYBE got a lot of attention for both how they looked and how well they could sing.

Not only that, but Min Hee Jin, who was in charge of making the girl group, got a lot of praise for making another top-tier girl group after working at SM Entertainment for a long time.

The girl group got a lot of attention again in November after they released the first set of preview photos for their first “Seasons Greetings” card for 2023. In the pictures, the girls can be seen having fun at a sleepover.

The first “Seasons Greetings” from NewJeans for 2023 is full of merchandise, content, and fun designs that fans are already loving. The girl group’s calendar and planner come in different styles and give you a lot of options.

Again, the design of the album is being praised as a breath of fresh air in the music business. People are saying that the design is so cool and that each page has clean graphics and layouts. A lot of people are also impressed by the group’s wide range of content.

Netizens commented:

“Wow, it looks like they hired people who really know what’s cool these days. I’m so jealous!”

“Seriously, we should get rid of the old people and only choose people in their 20s and 30s.”

“Really, they give me the impression that they know what’s popular now.”

“I like another group, but whenever I see them, I feel envious.”

“Their Season’s Greetings card is so f*cking pretty, I’m jealous.”

“Even though I’m not a fan, I want this.”

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