Fans Are Enraged Over Girl Group “ALICE” for Allegedly Mocking IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung Strawberry Incident

Jang Wonyoung of IVE was once criticized and made fun of after she appeared on “The Manager“. In the show, she was seen using both hands to eat a huge strawberry.

Many people thought that she was trying to be cute or proper. Even though she was doing nothing wrong, her one action went viral, and content makers started making jokes about her.

Later, when the hatred got out of hand, people started to protect Jang Wonyoung . They stood up for the young teen and teased of those who made fun of her for something simple.

A half year after the first incident, the girl group ALICE is being criticized for making fun of Jang Wonyoung .

Fans started to trend “ALICE APOLOGIZE TO WONYOUNG” after a video showed the girl group asking to eat strawberries with both hands on purpose so they could be filmed.

The girls got big strawberries in the waiting room, which they started to eat right away.

Yeonje said, “Strawberries.”

Member off-screen also said, “Wow. They are so very big. They’re about as big as your head.”

Can you eat them with both hands? [laughter]” asks someone off-screen.

Yeonje responded, “Use both hands to eat them. Let’s eat it together after we count to three.

Sohee said, “Are you going to eat them like ohn-nom-nom or ang?

Let’s go with ohm-nom-nom,” said Yeonje. [laughter]

I couldn’t do it,” said Chaejeong. “I can’t stand it.”

Shall we eat the strawberry?” asked Sohee.

The video quickly went viral on Twitter, and as of this writing, it had been watched more than 567,000 times. Fans from all over the world started to call out ALICE for allegedly making fun of Jang Wonyoung . They asked the girls to say sorry.

Some people said it wasn’t a big deal, but others kept defending Jang Wonyoung , saying that jumping to an idol’s defense is only a problem when it involves Jang Wonyoung .

Wonyoung got a lot of hate for something that didn’t make sense.

Fans have also said that ALICE members have made fun of and tried to be like other idols in the past. Bella once tried to sound like Wanna One‘s Lai Kuan Lin when he spoke Korean. This is a touchy subject because he is not Korean and has worked hard to learn the language.

IOK Company has not said anything about this yet.



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