IU Had an Unusual Request From T-ARA’s Jiyeon on Her Wedding, and Her Response Proves She’s the Bestest Friend Ever

On December 10, 2022, Jiyeon of T-ARA married baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun in a private ceremony in Seoul.

It was said before that IU would be singing the congratulations song. By tradition, newlyweds are sent off with a song, and Jiyeon‘s best friend IU had to sing for them.

She chose “Blueming,” which was an unusual choice. Most of the time, the song sung is a ballad or a song with a sweeter sound, but IU chose “Blueming” because it is the most touching. Jiyeon had asked for a happier song, and IU did her best to give it to her.

IU told, “She was asked to sing a song today. She didn’t want to cry too much today, so she asked for the happiest song she could find. So, I picked “Blueming,” and she told me to sing it like I was dancing “.

She said, “I don’t know if it’s right for this event, but I’ll do my best to sing it in a way that works for a wedding. I’m glad they asked me to their beautiful wedding because they look so good together. Jiyeon doesn’t like to cry, so I hope that my brother-in-law gives her only happy times. Be happy, Ji-poop. I’ll sing “Blueming” now “.

The audience cheered loudly as IU sang “Blueming” perfectly. She even asked the crowd to give her some screams.

The most helpful friend, indeed. IU made sure to get many photos of the bride. Watch her little waves as she records the whole walk. IU also danced to Hwang Jae Gyun‘s version of T-ARA‘s “Roly Poly” in the cutest moment.

Lastly, here’s a look at what IU wore to the wedding. She wore a tweed co-ord that was simple but stylish. IU was there with her well-known bodyguard.

Congratulations to the couple!



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