Jennie is “upset” with Jisoo for a totally unexpected reason during their “BORN PINK” tour

It all goes back to a steamy scene from an earlier performance!

It’s no exaggeration to say that BLACKPINK functions much like a nuclear family.

Because of this, they may, of course, have a great time together, creating unforgettable moments that have captivated BLINKs all over the world.

Jennie of BLACKPINK hit the headlines after she surprisingly became “upset” with Jisoo.

Jennie and Jisoo have given BLINKs many memorable and hilarious moments throughout the years.

Yet, despite being the best of friends, Jennie and Jisoo were seen “sulking” together during the group’s recent BORN PINK gig.

BLACKPINK’s amazing world tour moved on to Cologne, Germany on December 8.

As was to be expected, BLINKs were eager to share their stories with the internet, providing entertainment for all.

Fans paid special attention to a scene in which Jennie was shown as “sulking” at Jisoo.

During Jisoo‘s pre-performance preparations, the lyrics “touch, touch, touch” played, and it seemed Jennie intended Jisoo to do something to highlight the lines.

Jennie could be seen approaching Jisoo as the two of them had some sweet moments together during one of the songs.

Jisoo didn’t appear to receive the message. Jisoo went away from the group as the song began so she could dance with the other BLINKs there.

Jennie glanced around as if she realized what was occurring, and her face contorted into a pout.

Someone posted the occurrence in three images, which made it seem much funnier than the video did to internet users.

When you think that Jennie‘s classic reaction likely occurred because Jisoo didn’t return her advances during the song, you realize just how memorable of a moment it truly was.

BLACKPINK performed next to thousands of adoring fans in Barcelona, Spain on December 5.

Jennie and Jisoo appeared on camera at one time and were shown on a large screen. Jennie reached out and wrapped her arms around Jisoo‘s shoulders, as if preparing to entice her.

Jennie began a slow, careful descent down Jisoo‘s body while the song’s words urged her to “touch, touch, touch.”

Unsurprisingly, the audience went wild as the two idols were clearly having the time of their lives.

Perhaps Jennie was worried that Jisoo would try to one-up her spectacular move in Barcelona by doing something equally as memorable during their duet.



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