Jackson Wang of GOT7 Dishes the Dirt on His Latest Ex-Girlfriend

Even famous people like Jackson Wang struggle with relationships!

Jackson of GOT7 did an exclusive interview with the hugely popular Thai radio program WOODY FM while he was there recently.

In front of a live audience, he discussed a variety of topics, including when his last relationship ended and how it did not go as planned.

Jackson confidently responds, “Of course,” when host WOODY initially asks if they’d like to talk about love during the interview, much to the delight of the audience.

Jackson then acknowledges that although he wants to date, he occasionally has problems with his mind.

Jackson declared, “I want to date… But the problem is that my head simply “doesn’t work.”

Then, when WOODY inquires about Jackson‘s romantic status, Jackson responds that neither he nor anyone else has ever asked him out on a date.

Then he goes on to say that his timeline is a factor and that even if he does run into someone he’s interested in, the encounter is “too brief to connect.”

Jackson says he had “something” about a year and a half ago in response to the question of when he last had a “relationship.”

The ambiguous period in a relationship when two people are interested in one another but haven’t made a commitment to dating yet is referred to as a “something” in Korean dating culture.

After stating that there are “different levels of something” that tend to range from deep to not so deep, Jackson goes on to explain the relationship, suggesting that he was more on the not-deep side.

There are separate rules of something; there is deep and there is not deep,” said Jackson. You know, it’s just like, “What the hell is going on?”

When WOODY goes on to inquire how long Jackson‘s “something” relationship lasted, Jackson reacts hilariously agitatedly by saying, “It was gray.”

Jackson reportedly didn’t know what to make of this relationship because it had apparently been going on for so long.

It’s so grey, said Jackson in response. It’s not white or black; it’s more like, “What are we doing, we’ve been talking for a while, and it just feels like we’re not landing anywhere,” to a point.

Jackson’s next relationship should be much less murky and give him everything he deserves.



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