BLACKPINK Lisa is showing that she can be a fashion icon in the gaming industry as well

Even though she didn’t play games, she knew everything that was cool.

Lisa of BLACKPINK always looks stylish, whether she’s on the cover of a magazine or on stage giving a performance.

Lisa showed why she is such a popular brand ambassador by showing how well she knows the new fashion trends, even in video games.

For the group’s project with the game MapleStory, the members chose an outfit three times to see if it was the players’ favorite.

Lisa breezed through the first round because she chose an outfit in the style of a magician that players would like.

Lisa was the one who really got the second round right, so it was also easy for her.

She described how a player could look adorable while also gaining the useful floating ability that key chains often provide.

Lisa continued to dominate until the very end, picking the most popular outfit in the final round of voting.

Lisa‘s fashion sense is always on point, both online and in real life.

Watch the full video here:

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