The scariest paranormal experience LE SSERAFIM has ever had was caused entirely by ENHYPEN, and here’s why

They were utterly terrified!

In an interview for 102.7KIISFM with JoJo Wright, LE SSERAFIM discussed their lives as well as their comeback with the song “ANTIFRAGILE.”

The interview ended with a question about whether or not anyone had ever experienced anything paranormal.

The girls didn’t have to pause for long before realizing they had something interesting to say. Chaewon remembered that they had taken a nap in the office practice room.

Despite the fact that they were fully aware that their speakers were off, they nonetheless perceived a male voice coming from them.

Chaewon said, “Our speakers were turned off as we took a break from practicing, but suddenly we heard a voice. A voice, literally from nowhere, was a man.”

Ah, ah,” was the voice Yunjin recalled hearing.

It came as a complete surprise. The members were speaking to one another one moment, and then they heard a voice. As they began yelling and screaming of their lungs, they hugged one another.

Yunjin said, “We therefore assumed it to be a ghost. We felt so threatened. We were speaking when suddenly, all of us started screaming together in less than a half-second.”

Was it a specter? Thank goodness it wasn’t! They conducted some research, according to Chaewon, and discovered that it was an ENHYPEN member’s voice rather than a ghost’s.

It was unfortunate that their speaker was inadvertently linked to their speaker.

Given that they are both employees of the same business, it is not surprising that such an incident occurred.

Chaewon said, “But after some investigation, we discovered that ENHYPEN’s speaker was attached to our speaker. The incorrect speaker was attached.”

Yunjin explained that it was only the sunbaenims practicing above them.

Watch the whole interview down below while you wait.



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