Red Velvet Wendy Is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away With Her Amazing Abs

Everyone wants her to stop her workout routine right away.

Red Velvet has recently been promoting their latest single, “Birthday,” which is the title track from their album The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday.

Now that they have been performing for more than eight years, the members still look as beautiful and perfect as they did when they first started.

Even though everyone in the group deserves praise for their skills and looks, Wendy has really stood out since the group’s comeback.

Not only are her beautiful vocals as good as ever, but for this comeback, her looks have gone to a complete new level.

Wendy has been open regarding her struggles with losing and gaining weight, as well as the painful weight management and bad habits that go along with it.

She seems healthy and happy with her body now, and she looks stronger than ever with amazingly toned abs.

She has been wearing crop tops on many of Red Velvet‘s recent stages, which shows off her muscles the way they should be. Wendy has put in a lot of hard work and effort to build up her body, and it has really paid off.

An internet discussion post with the title “Are Wendy’s abs for real???” talks about her great body. The original author posted the picture below and asked if this was the first time a female idol had visible abs.

Other fans and Internet users have left comments on the post praising and being amazed by Wendy‘s hard-earned muscles.

“But Wendy really is the real thing. People who have a lot of muscle tend to have very little fat on their bodies. This is true for Wendy, as you can see. She’s great”
“What the heck? “Those look like 6 packs.”

“Wow, that self-management is legendary… It’s cool to see that on a female idol for the first time.
“Yes, Wendy has always had abs since she first came out, but lately she’s been working out even more.”
“I’m glad that, after all these years of trying, she has finally found a diet and exercise plan that helps her keep her weight stable.”
“Wow, girl, what kind of workouts are you doing?”

After everything that has happened, I am relieved to see Wendy looking so healthy and happy recently, and she is positively radiating. I’m glad she’s receiving a lot of attention because her singing was so bad this time around.

We’re glad to see Wendy doing well and happy after her comeback because she deserves nothing less.

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