ENHYPEN’s Maknae Line Couldn’t Hide Their Reaction To Filipino Singer Darren Espanto’s Height

ENHYPEN is a group whose members’ skills, looks, and personalities never fail to impress netizens. In particular, the members are always in the news because of how famous they are when they hang out with other famous people.

Recently, their reactions to a Filipino celebrity at a fan meeting in Manila went viral.

For the 10th anniversary of the beauty brand BYS, ENHYPEN recently held a fan meeting in Manila. When ENGENEs saw their idols, they couldn’t hold back their excitement.

But they weren’t alone, as Filipino singer Darren Espanto joined them. When the singer posted photos of the group on stage, the internet went crazy.

Along with attending the event, the singer showed the members some famous photos. Having so much talent and numerous visuals in just one photo seems almost unfair.

If the interactions and content fans got weren’t enough, a clip of ENHYPEN and Darren Espanto talking has gone viral on social media and made people laugh.

The video also shows both Darren Espanto and ENHYPEN gearing up for their picture together. Even though the members of ENHYPEN seem to be much taller than other idols, the Filipino singer seemed to have a clear height advantage.

Fans were really interested in how ENHYPEN reacted to the singer, though. As soon as they were in place, the youngest members had the most memorable reactions to how tall he was.

Leader Jungwon looked up at Darren Espanto first, then down at his feet. Many netizens thought he was checking to see if the singer was wearing shoes with insoles or high platforms.

Ni-Ki and Jake also reacted the same way, but Sunoo just seemed to glow with happiness in the clip that went viral.

When the video was put on Tiktok, over two million people watched it, but the funny parts were in the comments.

Netizens couldn’t get over how the group members reacted to the singer. Some even said they were surprised by how tall Darren Espanto was.

Many fans never thought they’d see ENHYPEN and Darren Espanto interact, and it is truly legendary. Since the Filipino singer now follows the group on social media, I hope this isn’t the first or last time the singers all meet.



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