Netizens Select the Prettiest Member in NewJeans, and We Couldn’t Agree More

Netizens choose the prettiest member of NewJeans!

It seems like one member of NewJeans has been getting a lot of attention for a while now.

After looking at what the group has been doing recently, netizens shared their thoughts on who they think is the prettiest member, even though all of the members are beautiful.

Many comments also agreed that Danielle was pretty, even if they weren’t fans.

Netizens commented:

“A lot of people don’t like that Western vibe”

“The prettiest member of NewJeans seems to depend on your taste”

“Crazy high-teen queen”

“Every time I see her, I can’t believe how small her face is and how much she looks like a Barbie doll, she’s so pretty.”

“Danielle’s year-end photos are crazy”

“But she’s rarely talked about because people always have different opinions about how she looks.”

“At first, I didn’t realize that Danielle is so pretty…”

“I think this every time I see her, because she reminds me of Kim Yoo Jung. They are both so beautiful and pretty.”

“NewJeans has a lot of different ideas about who is the prettiest member.”

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