LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin Went Viral For An Iconic Move During “ANTIFRAGILE”, But It Was An Accident

LE SSERAFIM has been together for less than a year, but their performances are always in the news because they are so powerful and captivating.

The members seem to have found a way to relax and have fun on stage while also showing off their tight synchronization.

The members are even praised for how they handle wardrobe mishaps and come up with new facial expressions.

When Huh Yunjinhit” the camera while on stage during LE SSERAFIM‘s last comeback, “ANTIFRAGILE,” fans went crazy.

When Huh Yunjin smiled after the hit, fans couldn’t get over how proud she looked.

But even though Huh Yunjin‘s charisma made it seem like the move was planned, a recent look behind the scenes at the “ANTIFRAGILE” stages showed that the iconic moment was actually an accident.

Huh Yunjin shared, “I hit the camera for real doing this dance“.

Fans agreed with the idol when she said that the reason she was smiling after the accident was because she thought it might look cool.

Huh Yunjin laughed, “But after I hit it, I was like, ‘I kinda like it..!“.

Huh Yunjin has talked in the past about how hard the members work to make their perfect stages, but she wants her fans to know that she loves every single performance.

And the way she reacted to this mistake shows how much fun she has on stage.

Here, you can see the stage:



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