ITZY’s Ryujin Attempted to Pull Off Kazuha’s Iconic Leg Lift in “ANTIFRAGILE”, and Her Reaction is Too Relatable

Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM is always going viral because of how well she looks and performs on stage.

Kazuha has had to work very hard to learn new skills since she decided to become a K-Pop idol instead of becoming a professional ballerina.

LE SSERFIM‘s performance director even said that Kazuha had to overcome a challenge in dance, because even though she’s good at ballet, K-Pop dancing is very different.

Still, Kazuha‘s passion and hard work have paid off, and the idol’s talent keeps surprising fans.

Despite the fact that Kazuha left the world of ballet, the idol still uses her past by referring to it in lyrics or using her crazy flexibility in LE SSERAFIM‘s dances.

The leg kick she did in “ANTIFRAGILE” went viral because it took a lot of core strength and flexibility to pull off.

Even though it was hard, K-Pop fans had fun trying to copy the dance moves. Many K-Pop cover dance teams even made a “guess our Kazuha” challenge where the dancers covering LE SSERAFIM‘s “ANTIFRAGILE” would all try Kazuha‘s signature move so that viewers could guess who was dancing as Kazuha in the cover.

The talented performer Ryujin from ITZY is the latest idol to try the viral move, and fans love her for it.

LE SSERAFIM won their seventh award for “ANTIFRAGILE” on MBC‘s Music Core, which airs once a week. Even though LE SSERAFIM weren’t there, the other idols had fun dancing to the hit song.

But Ryujin stood out from the rest when he tried Kazuha‘s viral move without fear. Fans loved Ryujin‘s way of listening to the song, especially since so many K-Pop fans have done the same thing.

Fans probably will get to see the two very talented groups work together in the future.



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