“Sky Castle” Actor Lee Yu Jin’s Physical Growth Over the Years Will Shock You – He’s Now Taller Than Oh Na Ra

One child actor is getting a lot of attention after being in a social media post by another actress.

On November 29, actress Oh Na Ra posted a photo with the caption “Soo Han came to support his mom.”

She used hashtags like “Sky Castle” and “Jin Jin Hee’s Son” to show that the young man in the photo was the actor Lee Yu Jin, who played her son in the drama “Sky Castle.”

From 2018 to 2019, the two actors played a mother and her son on the JTBC drama. Even after the show was over, Oh Na Ra and Lee Yu Jin kept seeing each other.

In the picture, Lee Yu Jin was seen at the VIP screening of Oh Na Ra‘s movie “Men of Plastic.” On this day, Lee Yu Jin‘s fans were shocked by how much she had changed in just four years.

Since he was on “Sky Castle“, the actor has grown a lot taller, which made many fans happy. The actor Kim Ho Young said, “Awesome!!! How tall he was…!!! “.

Other Netizens said:

“He really grew up”

“We haven’t seen a two-shot in a while.”

“How did he get so tall so quickly?”

“He’s so good looking”

“Is he Soo Han?

“He changed a lot!”

Oh Na Ra, meanwhile, is in the movie “Men of Plastic,” which came out on November 30. “Men of Plastic” is a 2007 comedy about people in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, who want to be successful in the beauty business.

Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Choi Byung Mo, and Oh Yeon Seo are also in the movie, along with Oh Na Ra.



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