NMIXX’s Jinni Looks Completely Different With Glamorous, Korean Style Makeup And Netizens Are Loving It

Jinni of NMIXX showed a whole new side of herself at the 2022 MAMA Awards. Jinni made her debut earlier this year with pastel pink hair.

But in the past few months, she went back to having dark hair and got new bangs. This gave her a more mature look that made netizens gasp at her actress-like beauty.

Her new hairstyle gave her a more romantic look with light, wispy bangs. She wore a silk blouse with a belt as an off-the-shoulder dress, giving fans a whole new look from what they had seen before.

She made her makeup look chic and glamorous by adding a pop of color to her lips to match her skin’s glow. Netizens praised her beautiful looks and compared her to other beautiful stars like actress Song Hye Kyo and former After School member Nana.

But the rest of her looks during the show were just as memorable. She kept looking beautiful even after the group changed into an all-red outfit. When NMIXX won the “Favorite New Artist” award, she looked like a porcelain doll as she cried.

Netizens think that Jinni‘s new look is even better than her famous pre-debut look. Jinni‘s looks make her one of the best-looking Pokemon of the 4th generation, and now that she has a legendary style, she is even more beautiful.

But it’s not just her bangs that make her look beautiful. Jinni looks great with any kind of chic style, as shown below.

Even so, this iconic red carpet look will be remembered as one of her best looks ever.



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