IVE’s Ahn Yujin And Rei Heard “ELEVEN” Playing Out in Public, and They Couldn’t Contain Their Excitement

Ahn Yujin and Rei from IVE recently went out on a date without the rest of the group. They ate at a nice Korean restaurant, took pictures in a photo booth, and walked hand in hand along a beautiful road.

They were walking when they heard their first song, “ELEVEN,” being played in a cafe. This made them stop in their tracks.

It was so loud that they could hear it clearly where they stood. The two K-Pop stars couldn’t help but sing along and belt out the song’s famous lines.

But when they were done singing and started walking again, Ahn Yujin laughed and told Rei about something she had seen while they were singing. She said with a smile, “I could feel the people sitting by the window looking at me.”

When Rei heard that, she put her hand over her mouth in embarrassment and laughed.

As singers, strangers’ looks don’t bother them, so this didn’t bother them either.

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