LE SSERAFIM Put Lots Of Thought Into Their Intricate “2022 MMA” Dance Break — Here Are The Details You Might Have Missed

LE SSERAFIM performed at the 2022 Melon Music Awards, where they set the stage on fire.

People could tell that Sakura was sure of herself while she danced “The Hydra“, and her part of the dance had an impressive detail.

Because Greek and Roman stories about the Hydra include attempts to cut off the creature’s head, Sakura pretended to cut her own throat, and Chaewon did the same thing behind her.

And, just like the Hydra in the stories, Sakura gets twice as many heads for every head that is cut off. These heads appear behind her, just like the Hydra. Fans liked how the choreography used images from the song to make the dance. It wasn’t the only part to do that, though.

Soon after that, Sakura pretended to cut her throat again, and with the help of the other dancers, the Hydra became twice as big.

Fans noticed that the Hydra changed into a creature with five heads, each of which stood for a different thing.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, fans noticed that the fact that the Hydra gets stronger every time one of its heads is cut off fits perfectly with the fact that “ANTIFRAGILE” is hard to break.

The creative choreography is just one more thing that shows that LE SSERAFIM can handle anything the world throws at them.

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