Phone Camera Photos of Aespa Members Have Fans Wondering How Thin They Really Look in Real Life

The members of Aespa really surprised people on the internet and K-pop fans when they showed up at a pop-up open event with better visuals.

Recently, Aespa went to the “Acqua di Parma Magnolia Days Pop-up Open Event,” which was held at the Avenue World Tower of the Lotte Department Store in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The members, in particular, caught the attention of the media and other people there because of how good they looked in black-themed outfits.

Fans took pictures with their phones and put them online, and the iconic images shocked fans all over again.

Even though the photos were not that high quality, they still showed how doll-like they looked and how long their bodies were.

Meanwhile, some netizens noticed that Aespa‘s phone photos and journalist photos have a little bit difference when it comes to their weight. It’s known that any camera can add an extra weight to every subject.

But in phone photos, Aespa looked thinner than usual, almost like a stick and bones. Which made many people wonder how thin they really look in real life.

Netizens commented:

“Why does it do this? Is it because the photos are brightening them”

“Last year, I saw Aespa, and all four of them are skinny.”

“Honestly, they still look freakishly freakishly freakishly thin in the picture taken by the journalist.”

“Wow, how can the pictures taken by journalists make them look so heavy? If you saw them in person, you’d see that they’re so thin… And they have such thin faces.”

“Look at Giselle! If I were her, I’d be so angry!”

“On the other hand, Giselle‘s hair and makeup look great on her.”

“But someway, their bodies look better on phone photos… I’m just taking a look at this.”

“Wow, this really is crazy.”

“Daebak! Why are they so beautiful?”

“Daebak, they look good on both of them.”

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