Netizens Discover Pictures of Kim Garam in High School Uniform After Withdrawal From LE SSERAFIM

Former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam‘s whereabouts since leaving the group have been shared online. 

On November 22, a post about Kim Garam‘s whereabouts got a lot of attention on a popular online community.

After being involved in a school bullying scandal, the former idol was seen trying to have a normal life as a student after leaving LE SSERAFIM.

Recently, A supposed photo of Kim Garam‘s high school desk has also been going around online. The photo hasn’t been proven to be of Kim Garam‘s desk, but it does show a desk with a name tag that says “Kim Graram” and has slurs and swears on it.

Even though she used to be a bully, many Netizens said that bullying her back is wrong because two wrongs don’t make a right.

Netizens commented:

“She’s no longer special, so let’s stop paying attention to her.”

“Why are the kids telling her to come back? She was an iljin who got the punishment for the fifth level.”

“Wowㅋㅋ She was kicked out, but she has a thick skin and is living a f*cking good life. How did the world come to be like this?”

“She kind of has a poop face, though. Because she doesn’t really have expensive looks.”

“I wish we would stop saying where Kim Garam is. I really don’t want to see her.”

“I really hope she comes back. It isn’t easy to look this good.”

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