The real Jungkook from BTS, as captured by his fans, will make you adore him more

“His personality shines more off-cam”

On November 17, a post on Pann about BTS Jungkook began trending with the title “JUNGKOOK OF BTS DOING SOME SHOPPING AT QATAR’S VENDOME MALL”.

The netizen who posted said, “A cute little girl who saw Jungkook claimed to recognize him, but not by name. They all (Jungkook included) thought she was adorable.”

Other netizens then rushed to the comment section praising Jungkook:

He’s so kindㅠㅠ


When he sees children, Qatar’s prince-nim smiles and even greets his young fans.

Third picture down: f*cking adorable!

Jung-warmㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Considering this is his personal life, he may have been annoyed, but he was smiling and letting people take pictures anyway. He is incredibly friendly and caring.

Cool, cute and sweet

He had every right to be frustrated by the circumstances, but his optimistic nature shone through. He’s so friendly that he even jokes around with the kid.

The way in which Jungkookie greets his adoring fans is adorable, and he unmistakably appears to be both thrilled and pleased.

As was to be expected, he exudes a unique vibe. This Jungkook guy is just too cute. And in the meantime, he’s stunningly attractive. Everything Jungkookie does, he must do with joy.

His body and posture are no joke; he is seriously attractive.

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