Netizens Were Surprised To See How Massive ENHYPEN’s Fandom Overseas

What a massive fanbase!

On November 17, a post about ENHYPEN on Pann began trending with the title, “SEE THE JAPANESE CONCERT THAT ENHYPEN IS PLAYING”

The netizen who posted said, “The scope of their inaugural tour was remarkable. It’s amazing that everyone was so focused on their slogans and lightsticks and not their phones.”

Other netizens are agreeing to the remark of the poster and said:

I love female idols, but it cracks me up when haters label ENHYPEN as failures. K-pop has evolved over time, shifting its focus to the international market, and expanding to a much larger scale as a result. If they were widely known in Korea, they’d be followed by nothing but useless trolls. If my bias could become as popular as they have in other countries, maybe they wouldn’t receive so much unwanted attention from the Korean public.

Kyocera Dome, Japan was included, so congrats on making it into the “Dome”!

The fact that ENHYPEN will play their first tour at the Kyocera Dome, which can hold up to 55,000 people, is impressive. After the already-hugely-popular K-pop idols who are huge sunbaes in Japan, ENHYPEN was the next idol to perform there (and this was an extra concert). In my opinion, Engenes has a lot to be pleased about.

You all are way too quick to label these fourth-generation biotech failures. They’ve made it on their own merits. Please don’t take stan twitter seriously, and don’t let sensationalized headlines influence your opinion. The responses they seek are transparent, yet you continue to use this fact as ammunition in your campaigns of bigotry. In any case, that’s an impressive achievement, and I hope they continue to enjoy success.

I’m not a fan, but it seems like a lot of people really dislike them and use them as a punching bag, including some kids who wandered in. In any case, congrats! Why did they put in a Kyocera dome anyway? Impressive!

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