Sandara Park’s recent Instagram photo stirs up breast implants rumors

Sandara Park‘s recent Instagram photo is stirring up breast implants rumors.

On November 13, the former 2NE1 member shared the photo below on Instagram with the caption, “Everyone who wished me a happy birthday~ It’s so sweet🍯 You’re so sweet🎂🎊🎉♥️”

The photos she shared also reveal Sandara Park is enjoying herself at the beach. Most fans appreciated her beauty, commenting, “She’s more beautiful than the scenery“, “The princess of the sea“, and “Certainly appealing“.

However, it seems her good looks were too much for some as some netizens are now speculating she may have gone breast implants.

In an online community a netizen wrote, “Has Sandara Park always had that big of a chest? Is it surgery? I feel like they are fake“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments comments such as:

“There’s no way they can look that big at that weight.”

“When your normal style and swimsuit style change and become more daring, I do think it’s because they had surgery. There are times when it’s not like this, but looking at the people around me, I saw that they all were.”

“Oh, I didn’t know, but now that I think about it, she must have done them… If you want to know how I know, it’s because I did my own and they look the same as hers.”

“Have you ever seen celebrities just upload their pictures as they are?”

“I too want to get mine done. But they said the risks were high, so I’m too afraid to commit.”

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