Han So Hee once again attracts attention for her beauty that ‘can’t be obtained through plastic surgery’

Han So Hee has been gaining a lot of attention for her gorgeous real-life visuals in Thailand.

On November 12, one netizen created a post on a popular online community forum titled, “Wow, Han So Hee is Pretty as Hell“.

Recently, Han So Hee went to Thailand to attend the OMEGA Her Time. She is OMEGA‘s new brand ambassador.

When the netizen put together a collection of Han So Hee‘s photos, Han So Hee‘s sharp and well-defined facial features stood out. Even though she lost weight, Han So Hee‘s looks shone brightly.

Some of the netizens’ comments included:

“Wow, isn’t she crazy? She’s the only beautiful person who can’t be made to look the same with plastic surgery.”

“Why did she lose so much weight, though?”

“Honestly, she’s at her most legendary right now. She’s pretty as hell.”

“A friend of mine who works a lot with famous people told me that Han Sohee was f*cking nice.”

“I think she would look better if she put on more weight. She lost too much weight.”

“Why do guys like girls who look like men so much?”

“Freaking pretty”

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