LE SSERAFIM Stun With Their Live Vocals And Stage Presence In Seo Kyeong University Festival

On November 11, KST, LE SSERAFIM performed at Seo Kyeong University, and their amazing stage presence wowed the crowd.

After videos of their performance were posted on social media, many people went to discussion boards to praise the group for singing live.

Many people who left comments said that LE SSERAFIM seems to be getting better at singing live as they hold more offline events.

Throughout their performances, they even try to cover all the improvised parts, which shows that they want to improve their performance skills in every way.

Other netizens commented and gave the group their praise and compliments, such as:

“Wow, Sakura was good too!”

“The fact they are able to sing “Fearless” live is really impressive.”

“They have a good life”

“As expected, more the performances they did, the better they got, so they got better on their own.”

“They are really really good, and their stages are so much fun.”

“Wow, Kazuha‘s ability to lift her leg up to her ears without help was freaking amazing.”

“Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin have always been good, so it was no surprise that they did well!!! Yet the other members also were so good that I want to praise them!.”

“Are these the same girls who watch “Transit Love” individually but together? They’re really good”

“They’re great. Wow Sakura continues to improve

“The “Fearless” stage was awesome”

That’s called progress! There’s a reason why and how this girl group has been so successful in such a short time, and based on how hard they work, things will only get better from here on out.



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