Jungkook, the “maknae” of BTS, was chosen as the bravest K-Pop idol

Jungkook from BTS was chosen as the most brave and risk-taking K-Star.

Recently, the American entertainment website allkpop wrote about the 10 K-stars who were the bravest and most daring.

Jungkook was the first one to say his name, and he said that he had a “mother-born strong heart.”

The media chose Jungkook as the most brave and daring K-star. They said that when Jungkook rode upside down on a swing thousands of feet above the ground, he showed how brave he could be.

The media told the story that Jungkook rode the Nevis Swing, which is called the scariest swing on the planet, in the New Zealand episode of BTS’s “Bon Voyage Season 4,” which aired in 2020.

Jungkook liked the thrill of a sudden drop from 160 meters in the air. He gave a brilliant hand kiss without changing the shade of his face, despite the fact that modifier of Nevis Swing was colorless.

Jungkook was surprised and impressed by the excitement of flying upside down on the “Nevis Swing” while making a curve at 125 km/h and cheering at the beautiful scenery in front of him.

In the 2015 “Run Bulletproof” special edition of Silmido, Jungkook surprised fans with his bold and hot appearance by jumping from a 63-meter-high bungee jump at once.

Jungkook made his fans’ hearts skip a beat when he showed them on TV that he was having fun and being charming even when he was on high-level rides and paragliding.

At the same time, Jungkook picked out what scared him. Jungkook said on the show, “I’m afraid of real things,” and he went on to say that he is scared of microwave ovens, elevators, fireworks, and balloons.



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