BTS Jimin who looks quirky and youthful could easily be mistaken as a highschooler in these concept photos

BTS Jimin‘s beautiful picture of himself when he was young made his fans go crazy.

BTS shared photos and videos from behind the scenes of the “Us, Ourselves, and BTS “We” group version of the “Special 8 Photo-Folio” on their official Naver Post and YouTube channel.

During the first concept shoot, which was done with self-cameras and clothes that showed off each member’s personality, Jimin wore leather shorts and a jumper like a fashion leader to show off his lively, clean, and sophisticated sense of style.

During the individual shoot, Jimin made fans happy by looking off into the distance with dreamy eyes or making different faces that made him look like he was deep in thought.

He also showed off his playful boyish beauty by acting like a mischievous boy.

Also, the idea of adding one individual to each photo in the order they joined the agency made the group photo shoot more special by showing how they became a full BTS by showing up at the completion of the group photo shoot.

In the photo booth sticker decorating, he looked like a kindergartener with a yellow hat and green polka dot scarf, and his active look that was “clearly clean and sensible” led to a lively atmosphere.

At the next “Viet-S Cheerful Athletic Day,” Jimin wore a white training outfit that showed off his fair skin and his fresh, innocent beauty.

The picture of Jimin moving around the background of classrooms and playgrounds is like a scene from an innocent teen movie. Those were some lovely times.

In contrast to the sexy charismatic charm of the homme fatal in personal photography books that sold out in 1 minute in the U.S. and 2 minutes around the world, proving the group’s worldwide popularity and unrivaled brand power, Jimin’s lovely and young look makes people want to buy the group photobook again.



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