Many people are wondering how NCT Dream won two daesangs with songs that didn’t do well on the charts

On November 8, the winners of the “2022 Genie Music Awards” were announced. This year, many K-pop artists were given awards for their work.

The “Daesang,” or grand prize, went to many artists who deserved it, however, some of the awards that have been given out on this day have been called into question in online communities.

K-netizens are especially confused about how NCT Dream won “Singer of the Year (Daesang).” and the “Album of the Year (Daesang)”. They say that Lim Young Woong was the most popular artist this year because his sales and metrics were much better. Lim Young Woong had the most streams on the Genie music platform, with 474 million, and NCT Dream had the least, with 49 million. 60% of the criteria for the award are digital results or streams, and 40% are based on judging.

IVE and (G)I-DLE was also mentioned by the comments of the netizens saying that they deserved a daesang than NCT Dream. Moreover, they emphasized that they did not hated NCT Dream, its just that other artists like IVE ,(G)I-DLE and Lim Young Woong performed better this year and deserve the award more.

Here are some of the comments of the netizens:

Yah, it’s a little strange that they didn’t even make it into the top 50.

Really, I think fans of female idols will rush in when their names are brought up.

Fans of NCT are crazy and act like they don’t know anything. They aren’t calling this “Album of the Year” because it’s not about who sold the most albums. The same goes for “Artist of the Year.” The Genie Music Awards are all about digital results, and 60% of the criteria are based on the Genie chart.

Because of this, there wasn’t a live broadcast.

It’s bad that the best place they could get was 84th. NCT Dream is SM’s up-and-coming star.

This comes from nothing but evil. I want to know if anyone knows any of NCT Dream‘s songs.

Other netizens are also dragging SM Entertainment saying that they paid for the award.

What are your thoughts on this?



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