BLINKs are fed up with haters making false claims about how empty BLACKPINK concerts are and even provided evidences

BLACKPINK has been gathering a lot of attention recently. From messy choreography in Born Pink World Tour to the concert seats.

A post on Pann entitled “BLACKPINK’S U.S. tours are completely full.” began trending and created a discussion among netizens.

On November 8, a netizen posted the article and said “Nice lie!

Other netizens then commented:

You BP-hating girls are at it again, manipulating the upvotes. Just try hating on them forever. Just yesterday, Jennie got a new CF. They don’t live in the same world as your bias and are still as successful as ever.

Unfortunately for the Gallery ahjumma, their prejudices are losing out to BP, so they continue to refer to us as Blink-roaches. In any case, BP is the best, period.

I apologize, but the article claiming that YG had sold out was published at the start of their tour schedule in Europe and the United States because the promoters had underestimated the number of fans who would attend. They didn’t mention that the extra venues were sold out, even though they added them. The information is easily accessible online, so I don’t get your point. The only statement from the company since then has concerned Jisoo‘s health, and they are currently on tour. In addition, the exact number of attendees will be made public at a later date, and if you look closely at the photos the fans took, you can see that the venues were packed. And if their concerts weren’t packed, then what? Everyone who went to the concerts seemed to have a good time, so clearly you didn’t succeed in dragging the artists down for the mistakes they made during the shows. The two of you are truly pitiful.

You can admit your envy all you want, but every time BP returns, they reach a new peak in the international charts.

While this is not the case, they did report that all presale tickets for their North American and European tour were sold out due to underestimation of demand. That’s why there are now more dates, right??? It seems like you guys are up to your old empty-concerts tricks again. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The media still insists that these shows are completely sold out? In fact, there are still some tickets available near the front of the standing area and the stage.

> comment #6 😭 Those are resold tickets, and you can still buy them even though the price is crazy. This is because the reseller probably lost his or her mind before coming up with such a high price.

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