BLACKPINK Jisoo is having a time of her life in the streets of America

On November 9, Jisoo told everyone what had happened by simply stating, “It’s cool” and “Christmas, hurry up!”

In the picture, Jisoo was wearing a beanie and had her hair styled in two sections.

She walked around America’s streets with a smile on her face.

People started talking about Jisoo’s health after they saw a lump on her neck.

She looked happy like she was putting an end to the speculations about her health.

On November 4, Jisoo‘s management company, YG Entertainment, responded to rumors about her health by saying, Jisoo is doing well on her world tour schedule and her health is fine.”

At the same time, BLACKPINK is on a world tour in seven North American cities, such as Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta.

BLACKPINK will meet 1.5 million fans, some of whom will come from other countries.



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