LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha proves haters wrong with how qualified she is as Etude’s new endorser

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha shines in new photos for “Etude House” ads.

Kazuha was chosen as the latest model for the cosmetics brand, as was said. In these new pictures, Kazuha has soft peachy-nude colors, and pinkish colors are all around her.

On the official page for their social media, “Etude“: “Human swan full of innocent, fresh, bubbly, and ethereal charms. Kazuha and Etude have met! What’s going on… Let’s always play Etude “.

Fans were happy that the rookie idol was chosen to represent the biggest and most popular Korean cosmetics brand, but netizens started a discussion online as to whether Kazuha‘s image fits the brand’s concept.

The majority of comments are negative, but as soon as the official images are revealed, the opinion of netizens changes.

Netizens commented:

It looks like Etude is getting rid of their image of being very princessy. It works pretty well for her.

I wasn’t sure how she would pull off the princessy vibe of Etude, but they changed her from a cute princess to an elegant and smart princess, making the brand look more expensive as a whole. Pretty.

I thought she wouldn’t look good in it, but she does. I thought Chaewon, Eunchae, or Kura would be better for the brand, but I like this ballerina atmosphere.

They went from having a princess-princess vibe to having a high-class vibe.

Wow, I knew right away that I didn’t like this. What’s wrong with her?

The force of a model is important… they look so rich all of a sudden.

What do you think about this?



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