Netizens tired of LE SSERAFIM’s fans pointing out Kazuha’s resemblance to Suzy and think this should stop

Netizens discuss a post written by a fan that once again pointed out Kazuha‘s resemblance to singer/actress Suzy .

On November 4, a post about Kazuha began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “Kazuha, I thought it was Suzy lol“.

Every day, netizens and fans compare Kazuha and Suzy because they look so much alike. Whenever a new photo of Kazuha comes out, the name Suzy is always brought up.

Many netizens loved Kazuha and praised her visuals and even agreed the post, but there were a handful of netizens who were tired of it and think this should stop.

Korean netizens commented:

“I can’t even see Suzy. In this gif, she looks like either Hwayoung or Hyoyoung. The girl who left T-ARA and became an actress”

“She doesn’t look like Suzy so stop it, Kazuha fans”

“They do not look alike”

“Stop it..”

“Please stop”.

“It’s just that she and Suzy get along so well. I don’t see how they look alike at all, so don’t bring up Suzy.

“It’s just that she and Suzy have brilliant vibes. I don’t see how they’re alike, so don’t bring up Suzy.

“These fans are really loud. Even though Kazuha is pretty, I hate it when people say she looks like Suzy.”

Suzy is Suzy and Kazuha is Kazuha

What are your thoughts?



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