Fans think Huh Yunjin’s visuals underwent a dramatic transformation after debuting as LE SSERAFIM

Has Huh Yunjin, a member of LE SSERAFIM, undergone a significant change in her appearance?

A netizen posted a couple of pictures of Huh Yunjin on a community forum that contrasted her appearance while in IZ*ONE with her current appearance.

Some online commenters have noticed a difference in Huh Yunjin‘s appearance, citing her shorter, darker hair as evidence.

The netizen who posted then dropped the recent photos of Huh Yunjin.

Other netizens rushed to the comment section and said:

I didn’t realize it during Produce, but Huh Yunjin looks great in Le Sserafim‘s aesthetic. She’s high team and looks healthy as hell.

It was a miracle that they let her keep her short hair. Even with her short hair, she looks older than she does now, and that was four years ago. It’s a quick fix that gives you wrinkles.

Wow, Yunjin is stunningly beautiful; she’s totally my taste.

Throughout Fearless and Produce, I was at a loss as to what exactly made Huh Yunjin attractive. She appeared to be getting on in years. She did look pretty, but not idol-like at all. Yet, Antifragile was a huge surprise to me. She was stunning, and the outfit was a perfect fit for her. Her physical attributes and abilities complement her attractive appearance. To top it all off, she has lofty goals

She manages to look like a hot girl straight out of Gossip Girl. Her stage presence is electrifying, and the unique hue of her singing voice and her dazzling dance moves are jaw-dropping. She’s sweet but clumsy, funny and approachable when she’s on variety shows. No reasonable person could fail to find her attractive.

The way Huh Yunjin presents herself, she is the prototypical object of desire for females of the opposite sex. She has the most regal presence of any idol.

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